Aplicación de la programación

As for Programming/Implementation, we take the issue of maximizing effectiveness into considerations.

Guideline One: Appropriateness of Timing, Intensity, and Duration
· Take advantage of transient opportunities and "teachable moments";
· Capitalize on dramatic current events, but maintain a measured, rational approach;
· Carefully assess readiness to address controversial problems or adopt difficult strategies

Guideline Two: Attention to Quality of Delivery
· Plan for the highest quality implementation;
· Attend to important implementation details;
· Reshape the effort if necessary to respond to changing events and opportunities

Guideline Three: Commitment to Evaluation and Effort Refinement
· Plan the effort with monitoring and evaluation in mind
· Carry out continual monitoring of the effort
· Conduct outcome evaluation to measure the success of the effort in producing desired results
· Integrate the evaluation into the effort
· Maintain open communication at every level of the effort
· Keep careful records and use them in assessing the effort
· Feed back information from monitoring and evaluation to improve the effort