febrero 2011
Millettech helped Americocorp redesigned the website

The current website was developed 2 years ago, with the rapid growth of internet let the customer have more opportunity to shop around. So it’s important to maintain the website regularly, a well designed website redesign will defiantly give the customer a good corporate image:

First, we use a new dynamic banner to replace the old flash banner, it would takes less time to open the homepage. And when there is a special events(promotion, celebration, notification ), the administrator of the website can easily update the pictures of banner at the back-end with our CMS.

On the product list page, we added prompt window function, which let the visitors get the information they want, but without leaving the current page.

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Acerca de Millettech

On the catalog page, we successfully integrate a flash on this page. Some other small issue like misspelling all get fixed this time.