Database Services

At Millettech we use an extensive array of tools and technologies which allow us to provide you with cost and time-effective solutions to your database problems

Database design and application development

We can design and develop three-tier or n-tier database systems using Microsoft SQL Sever, Oracle and DB2 etc as a Back-End and .NET, Java, Visual Basic, C/C++ and PowerBuilder etc as the Front-End.

Database-driven web sites

We can develop your database-driven web pages using the latest technologies, including ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, NET remote, Web service with .NET framework and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS); JSP, Struts, Hibernate, EJB utilizing Eclipse, Tomcat etc.

Database integration

The Principles we use to shape database integration
1) Data quality and integrity are paramount;
2) increased flexibility;
3) Accessibility;
4) Data ownership and confidentiality.

Middle-Tiers and Business Logic

Millettech has extensive expertise in COM/DCOM interfaces and component development. We will provide you report generation with custom development. We can also help you with your FrontPage and InterDev projects.