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Website News

Nov 2011
A Three-page Design
One Japanese client found us on the internet and came to our office in shanghai, they wanted us to design a three-page for them .When we met, we told many information about Millettech and the design details.After we knew the requirements and what function they wanted to achieve, we designed it well finally. They were verysatisfied with our work and had e good impression on the Millettech...

Nov 2011
logo designs
One client Melvain had three logos to design. He searched the Internet and found us. Melvain had good impression on Millettech after reviewing our website. On October 26th 2011...

Nov 2011
Portuguese version of Pryor site has been successfully finished
Millettech has finished creating Portuguese version of the UK company (Pryor) successfully. The website is now online and running. Pryor is a company in the marking products industry in UK. ...

Nov 2011
Profax and Lenco completed
Millettech finished the web design and products uploading of Profax and Lenco website in the half of November. The website upgrading is mainly consisted of products uploading and management display functions....

Nov 2011
Second-round web design of SoCIP phase 2 completed
Millettech finished the second-round web design of SoCIP website in early November. This time, the website upgrading is mainly consisted of the blog and vedio display functions. According to our customer...

August 2011
Web Design and Development and Its Designers in Nowadays
With the development of the internet, website plays an increasing important role in our daily life. But what do we know about web design and development and its designers? ...

August 2011
Website Design
A lot of people get tempted by good looking web templates. Some template vendors even offer do-it-yourself kits to their customers. Web templates are designed by experts, using the latest designing software. They look stunning, compared to web pages developed ...

August 2011
P&T Global Company Website Successfully Finalized
On August 13th, 2011, Millettech has successfully finished the building of the website of Shanghai P&T Business Consulting Co., Ltd. This is a company website mainly doing trading business. ...

August 2011
Bad IT management habits
It doesn't have to be that way. Identifying and understanding bad work habits might require a bit of soul-searching, but the benefits of such introspection can be myriad, workplace experts say. ...

August 2011
SMARTZU with Millettech
Website development is always taking time. It takes more when you wish to have it in your own way, it takes much more especially when you wish to have it become perfect. Millettech leads the trend of website development industry. ...

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