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Website News

Dec 2010
Millettech has successfully designed a restaurant flash animation for our client Dec 20th, 2010
This animation is about a restaurant promotion of their recent discount action in Germany. We have applied hand drawn design and flash technology using while making this animation....

Dec 2010 is online powered by Millettech
Millettech developed a website for a landscape company. we provided the clients with a customized CMS, administrator of the websites can easily edit the latest news and projects at the back-end. Please visit this website at the following link: ...

Otc 2010
Nothingbuthearts launched On 10th October
Nothingbuthearts launches On 10th October which is an E-Commercial website selling jewelry, accessories, and other heart-shaped items online. Millettech use PHP+MySql to develop this e-commerce website, the basic features include shopping cart, online payment. ...

Sep 2010
Millettech successfully designed the website for Shanghai Ting
Millettech finished the e-commerce website for Shanghai Ting, a nocturnal fashion brand.A very important point for Shanghai Ting was the whole design. We create a logo design, which perfectly matches the image of our customer and the graphic design, web design & development are excellently fitting as well. ...

Aug 2010
Millettech creates a 3D Flash Webpage for the Company ISCA
Internet Security Consulting Associates chose our company Millettech to help them create a webpage showing the results of their analyses. The resulting webpage is one that includes 3D map of different parts of the world. ...

July 2010
Millettech creates a Spanish version of their website
In order to overcome language barrier, provides different versions of our website in many different languages. This makes communication between countries over the Internet much easier.A Spanish language version is Released. ...

July 2010
The "Asia-Pacific Biennial Awards for Interior Design" official site is successfully redesigned
The "Asia-Pacific Biennial Awards for Interior Design" official site is successfully redesigned. The Asia-Pacific Biennial Awards ceremony is held once every two years. In 2008, Millettech used green as the main colour to match environment protection subject for the whole webpage. In 2010 we chose the colour red as the new main colour of the webpage to match EXPO 2010 subject,as red is a symbolic colour in China....

June 2010
A Flash Website Is Finalizing
We have successfully made a flash website for our client from Ghana, Africa. During the making of the website, we have applied many powerful technology. Flash technology is the most important part during the process. Except that,we also used php programming in it. That is mostly used for the backend(CMS,Content Management System). ...

May 2010
US Health website done with success
Clubheathiness is a multi-language website including Spanish version, Simplified Chinese version, Traditional Chinese version, English version. Meantime, we offered 2 languages of logo design and 4 languages website translation. The effective CMS makes the website updated all the time because all content can be changed by choosing different languages....

May 2010
E-commerce site draws a good end of May
Millettech has contributed to the success of e-commerce website based on US market, an online shopping website which enables users to buy different products of different categories, color, price, size with the help of product filter function. From the beginning logo design, graphic design and web design, we tried to present their company and products in a very professional and suitable way....

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